producthe medical diagnostic market is constantly changing, creating new opportunities. GenBio's strategy for addressing this dynamic market is to differentiate itself from the competition through the utilization of its existing structure and know-how to adapt. Whenever appropriate, newer immunoassay technology (i.e. newly discovered recombinant proteins or peptides) are used to develop innovative diagnostic products. Key reagents are developed into multiple delivery formats addressing the laboratory market segmentation (centralized testing, decentralized testing) worldwide.

Currently, the Company delivers its infectious disease and autoimmunity diagnostic products in a multiparameter immunoassay strip format, ImmunoDOT, in a batch process microtiter plate format, ImmunoWELL and in the more traditional immunofluorescence format ImmunoFA. The company is currently developing a new format, ImmunoFLOW, in order to address the need for a simpler format for use in smaller clinics and as a point of care (POC) product. POC products are widely used by physician labs and clinics attempting to improve their patient care efficiency and in countries where decentralized testing is normal due to cost and availability of specimen transport. POC products and ImmunoDOT products are targeted to markets where instrumentation can either not be afforded or is unavailable due to cost, conditions and/or serviceability. Single patient testing (or testing of a few patients per day) is often the most appropriate action for optimal patient management.